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References, opinions:

".. I felt really well with my new guest today. I was completely different than before. I was not nervous, thank you I felt that it was useful." (Cs. Tamás, hairdresser - April 2012.)

How a 16 year old schoolgirl see the career coaching:

"I can say about myself that I am in a very lucky situation. My friends and my family members understand me, they support me in everything, which means a lot for me. Even my boyfriend’s mother tries to help me with everything. I got to Márta through her who draw my attention to myself and my abilities. She helped me to take the first steps to realize what I am interested in and what I can be good at. At first, I was surprised at some of my abilities but now I believe in them. I know that I have to work on my self-confidence and self evaluation, but I am on a good way.

Márta helped me to accept myself the way I am, and I realized that I was not lost in the world. Now I know where to go and what I really want to achieve . These talks gave me a lot of power and self-confidence and I can claim that I am much happier and loose nowadays"

R.Anna, April 2012.

" I received the coaching sittings as a company Christmas present. It raised my interests immediately, because to tell you the truth, I had already heard about it, but I did not know exactly what I could expect.

Since the first lesson I enjoyed coaching, it was like a talk beside a tea with my best friend, who finally have time to talk to me and who is professional enough to make me solve my problems.

Why was it useful? I think, because everybody has to make important and less important decisions, it is essential to know yourself in 100% and to analyze the situation in a realistic way.

I received help from Márta for this, who was like a confidential friend from the first moment. She gave me clever exercises to get to know myself and to judge my world in the right way.

I can recommend it to everybody, who is brave enough to face with themselves"

Kertész Jennifer" March 09.2012.

" Dear Márta,

The talk did not go as it was planned, but it was partly successful, other positive things happened. The direction is very positive, very good and thank you that you helped me to understand the situation and my task.” P. Zsófi, journalist - March 07. 2012"

"Dear Márta and your enthusiastic TEAM,

I can claim that I have stepped on the way to develop. Despite the fact that I had some unpleasant minutes I am really grateful to you and to myself, that I undertook this. Thank you for the professional and human help.

My private opinion about Márta is that she can act like a mother a woman and if the situation requires she can be a fighter and very realistic. She unites ying and yang energies in herself at the right time and right quantity. She is a professional.

  I am looking forward to the next adventure.” B. Renáta, lawyer, February 21., 2012.

After the first session I saw those problems in a different way with which I had been fighting for months and I was thinking about giving them up. Both in my private and professional life I had to change at the same time, which I realized in a few minutes during the session. It would have not worked without a coach because we need to see our situation with somebody else eyes. During and after the sittings, I received exercises which helped me say out things, which were deep inside me. I have new power and new direction. I began to direct my life, which is the only way that my things can go into the positive direction "

J.Erika, marketing manager 2012. February

" I am very happy to get to know you in person this year and due to your offer I could get to know the fantastic coaching method. After the coaching sitting, I realized a lot of similarities professionally with marketing plans (aim, resources, detailed steps, the plan is realized, monitoring) It was really useful and the success came at the right time. The life does not stop, you have to button up the coat from time to time” I.S. 2011, December 19th.

After leaving the coaching, I realized that the mental maintenance is as important as physical training. I don’t think about learning, but about the help of a professional, who helps you swing your thoughts into the right direction. The talk was very inspiring and I have been under its effect since then.” Kovács Edina, ViasatTv, August, 2011

I felt really well during the coaching session. We found the solution for the actual problem as well, which I had not thought before that it could be so easy. I experienced the usefulness of the work of a coach immediately. Thank you.” K. Emese, media expert, August,2011

“Dear Márta,

Coaching sittings were really useful in looking for a job. My views changed, which helped me to realize what is important for me and what kind of competences I really have. Since I met you I have recommend you to others and not only those, who are looking for a job.

L. Mária, 12.04.2011

“Dear Lineo Team,
"I hope that others will share my opinion soon that your team is really professional and serious. I took a big step forward with the help of your coaching and business counsel both as a leader and a private person. I wish the team a lot of success.”
K.Tibor , 27.04.2011.

“Dear Marta,

I am happy to meet you and I am grateful that I could have an insight into life coaching through my actual task, which needed to be solved
It is true that we didn’t talk about the past causes, with continuous and directed questions, we had a free-and-easy talk, concentrating on the future.

Even one coaching sitting was really useful and instructive for me.
I want to be in touch with you in the near future. I will visit your website.
I wish you successful and happy days."
S. Ibolya, 17.05.2011.

"Dear Márta,

Thank you for the nice and memorable days that we could spend together .On behalf of Ági I can say that we are very happy to meet you and when you come to Szeged and you will have enough time, we will join your company" Ernest Paul Koncz, (02.08.2011)

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