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Professional mediation

To solve a conflict based on a common agreement in a fast and effective way by involving a professional.

Mediation is suitable to solve a problem in every field of the life:

         -          partnership and divorce mediation
         -          economic mediation
      -          health mediation (malpractices)
         -          law mediation
         -          mediation at school (teacher-teacher, 

                   teacher-student, student-student).



During the divorce mediation, our main aim is that the participants especially the children suffer the least. It is important that the participants can communicate and human relationships can remain.

During the economic mediation, the parties have the chance to solve their problems without taking them to court and to maintain their good reputation. If you use professional mediation you can save a lot of time and money compared to judicial process.

The cost of mediation is much lower than the cost of a legal action and it lasts shorter than the general length of a judicial process.

By applying mediation- with the help of a mediator- we can achieve a satisfying solution even in a bad and impossible communication so that both parties can feel themselves a winner.

The length of a mediation lasts, one sitting: 1,5-3 hours.

All mediation procedures can be sustained in Hungarian, English, Romanian, French.