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Our  post-graduate Coaching and Mediation courses also in English or/and Romanian

   I.Coaching, Mediation and Mental Hygiene School in Budapest:

Life coaching

120 hours


1.200 E

Business coaching 

120 hours

1.600 E


60 hours                                                    


1.100 E

For further information please send an email to office@coaching-mediation.hu

Bonus: We provide 2 life or business coaching sittings for each student beside the chosen course.

The program of mediation course consists of 60% theory and 40% practice, involving each type of mediation. Students who graduate at us will have mediation techniques in every field of mediation (partnership, economic, justice, education, health).

The program of life coaching course consists of 60% theory and 40% practice, going through each field of life coaching. Students who graduate at us will have coaching techniques in every field of coaching (partnership, business, education, health, family)
Our coaching techniques cover the International Coaching Federation competences.

The program of business coaching course consists of 60% theory and 40% practice. During the course, students can learn how to manage effectively their own and their company’s career and knowledge which is necessary for the development of the organism with business coaching techniques.

We organize life, -business coaching and mediation courses at your company in Hungary, if it is arranged in advance.

 II. Why should you choose our trainings?


- Courses include: the full organization of your travel, training and Budapest sightseeing tour. The travel and hotel costs are not included in the prices above

- if you come and learn with us, you can earn some money

- if you come and learn with us, you can have an adventure and feeling of Budapest

- if you decide to choose us, you  can return with a certificate of a new knowledge/profession and you could get to know the Hungarian culture and traditions

- the members of our team are strengthened by outstanding lecturers from University of Kaposvár, Péter Pázmány Catholic University and University of Zalaegerszeg

- more than 40 % of the education contain practice, the theoretical education is interactive

- during the practical lessons, we deal with real cases, with guests who share their problems with the students, students can practice how to ask questions and the tools of mediation and coaching

- most of our lecturers have international professional experience
- Our lecturers show their knowledge and professional experience with the students
- we have live broadcast in the lessons
- friendly and family-like atmosphere in the lessons
- we provide the participation of more than two teachers in the lessons
- we stand beside our students as coaches in the self-knowledge process and they count on our reliable professional help
- We provide 2 life or business coaching sittings for free for our students, they can choose the instructor.
- Our old and new students get professional help to start their new career
- we give our students a free marketing background
- we try to be flexible in everything
- we give exact and correct information to those, who are interested in our courses
- respect and sincerity are the motto of our school.

The main aim of our professional trainings is that mediators can specialize and get to know the characteristics of the chosen field and practice it.

Our consultation time is flexible in Skype or in person, adjusted to your program.

Those students who complete our course successfully, will receive a life coach or mediator certificate.



  • Our 60 lesson mediation course is appropriate in everything for the regulation of 63/2009. (XII. 17.) IRM about Mediation training and it provides the basic education for getting onto the mediation list of KIM

  • The mediation course meets the requirements of IRM and it can be found on the list of professional mediation education of Ministry of Justice http://igazsagugyiinformaciok.kormany.hu/kozvetitok

  • The fees of the courses are gross fees and time payment is interest-free

  • Certificates can be issued in English language if students have a valid language exam. Courses can be chosen in English, German and Romanian if there is a group of minimum ten students

  • Courses start in the case of minimum 10 students

  • We have the right to change the fees of the courses

  • You can pay the fees of the courses in two installments

  • The coaching certificate certifies the completion of coaching course, which is necessary for the international accreditation (ACC) process of the International Coach Federation.

We remember a few moments of common professional practice with our students and lecturers: dr. Gulyás Kálmán, dr. Csimáné dr.Pozsegovics Beáta  and S.Tóth Márta: