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“It is a fact that nobody can achieve an outstanding success in any fields without taking in outer resources.”(Mentored by a Millionaire, Steven K. Scott, 2004)

Life coaching, life-leading guidance

Balanced life, better life quality- couching helps a person to achieve their own happiness and balance in any fields of life.

With the help of career coaching, we can easily recognize those barriers in ourselves which may prevent us from achieving the balance and discover new perspectives. It is essential to work out an effective plan and tools so that we can achieve our aims.

Our clients know that taking part in life coaching is the best investment to achieve a successful life.


Life coaching:

  • gives a chance to accomplish personal projects and achieve professional goals

  • creates new possibilities for you to reach your dreams and defeat those barriers, which prevent you from your personal happiness. It is you who will want the changes in your private life and do your best to achieve your goals   

  • with the help of it, we will be able to manage our life and avoid repeating the same mistakes from time to time, we can live a happier and more complete life

  • it has a long-lasting and outstanding effect on our life, we can look through our whole life and define from which part of it the balance is missing and how we can turn away the barriers, how we can lead a balanced life

When does coaching help?


  • your life has got onto a downhill and you cannot find the brake, with which you can stop it

  • you are worried about your future

  • you have unsolved problems, which cause conflicts in your family life or work

  • you want to achieve new successes

  • you are lonely

  • you feel that your surroundings do not understand you

  • you are looking for a partner

  • you want to divorce, but you have not decided it yet

  • you cannot see exactly where your life is going

  • you would like to get a clear self picture of you


  • exploration of the problem

  • to establish the conditions of problem solving

  • building up a new life strategy, creating a new attitude to life

  • building up an attitude

  • developing skills

  • concrete exercises

  • feedback

  Business-, career, coaching

With the help of career coaching, you can learn how to say YES to the possibilities and how to say NO to the energy vampire behavior, how to make the balance and strong ties in your life.

Are you ready to take the steering wheel of managing your life? The main aim of career coaching is to accomplish the plans of the individual and to realize those steps with the help of which the individual is able to get from one point to the other. It helps you to get rid of those hindrances which have restrained you so far.

In a proper environment and with appropriate support, you can achieve everything that you would like.

Leadership coaching

“The leading activity begins when we identify and accept the incline that we enter on the road which is in front of us.”The Dance of Leadership: Peter Cammock (2003)

We provide business coaching services for executives and managers, groups, employees in the public sector and multinational companies so that they can become real leaders and do their activities as successful leaders. They can experience the power of processes of re-framing and transformation, so they get the chance to get to the roots of their current abilities.

The business coaching promises you an interesting travel to personal understanding and development, which can reshape successfully not only the individual but also the community that you are leading and the whole organization.

This way is completely different from the usual methods and by the end of the process organizational changes and gaining new experiences can be expected.
Achieving a higher level requires a new paradigm level, higher self-consciousness and such knowledge which can be turned back into your professional career.

The experience of the participants and the process of leading studies:

  • release of such individual abilities, with the help of which hidden resources and strengths can be achieved

  • determined appearance and representing the leading position with self-confidence

  • you wake the passion and wan -to-do attitude as the leader of an organization/community

  • effective activity for the environment and the culture of the group

  • you give possibilities to change old habits and to take individual responsibilities

  • you inspire others to do their bests.

Business coaching

Business coaching helps that your colleagues trust their own abilities in order to achieve a common aim, have a positive attitude to the changes and be aware of their own limits.

After one or two coaching sitting with executives and managers or interactive group sessions we have experienced that colleagues are more effective, they can achieve higher results in their work and they are able to determine and use their renewed skills and they are self-confident enough to stand in front of new organizational and market challenges.

Stress at workplaces can spoil a lot of people’s life and it has a bad effect on their private life as well. We have experienced that during a co-operation you have the chance to defeat the barriers and you will be able to open to your work and family.

Mainly executives, managers and senior managers take part in business coaching, encouraging those who stand at the top of an organization to take strategic responsibility.

All sessions can be sustained in Hungarian, English, Romanian.