Lineo International Consulting Kft.


H-1068 Budapest, Benczúr str. 20.

RO Bucharest, Paleologu str. 24.

RO Cluj Napoca, B-ul Eroilor 100.

Phone numbers:

+36 70 394 5336



About us

Our company was established as a member of an international team. Our colleagues are well-qualified professionals, who can speak more foreign languages as English, Romanian, French.

We have companies in Hungary with office in Budapest and in Romania with offices in  Bucharest and Cluj Napoca.

Our main aim is to help those with our pieces of advice who are stuck or stand in front of a difficult decision or cross roads, those who struggle with a divorce or other family problems, those who begin their career or want to change their career.

We would like to be the ladder with which you can get to the sunshine. We can be the hand which leads you out of an unpleasant situation, support you on the way of the change, help you make your dream come true. You will see the future in a nicer color, instead of fear, you will look forward to the future.

The members of our team consist of mediators, personal (life) and professional (business and executive) master coaches. The common thing in them is that everybody claims that the positive thinking is the most important step towards the future.

We are also practiced in the field of mediation. We experience that legal actions take up too much energy and money and unfortunately they take a lot of victims. One of the parties usually loses, but it often happens that both of them do. The peaceful way is the shortest one and it is the solution which causes the least harm and pain in the case of conflicts. We help you to find this way and come to an agreement, which can be satisfying for both parties.

We offer you the following services: mediation, life-business coaching, business consulting, and development of a business organization

Business and leadership coaching 

  • Personal coaching for managers ,

  • development of leader’s skills

  • increase of efficiency of employees

  • the efficiency of internal communication,

  • development of problem and tasks solving skills

  • improvement of objective aspect

  • establishing a good working atmosphere,

  • group or individual coaching for doctors, lawyers, teachers, media professionals

  • business career coaching

  • building up a business organization

  • efficiency improving trainings

  • objective, efficient decision making

  • team building techniques

  • Psychosomatic coaching

  • in the case of discomfort and panic attacks consultation

  • prevention of manager illnesses

  • handling stress

  • supporting recovery after chronic illness

  • helping addicts to recover (dis-habituating of smoking)

  • losing weight with coaching

Life and personal coaching

  • solving conflicts in a relationship

  • self-understanding

  • solving life guiding problems

  • communication in a partnership

  • uncovering and solving of difficulties and causes in bringing up children

  • family life guiding training

  • guidance how to find a partner

  • divorce crises management

  • HR coaching

  • for those who work in HR department

  • coaching for those who begin their career, and those who are looking for a job

  • analyzing and designing a CV

  • profession orientation

  • preparation for a job interview

  • improving self-confidence

  • Coaching for teachers

  • increase of efficiency of general communication

  • giving help to establish a well-balanced, harmonic life

  • Coaching for students

  • life-guiding consultation for teenagers

  • giving help in establishing a future picture and achieving future goals

  • talent care, giving private lessons

Mediation, avoiding legal actions

  • solving conflicts in a relationship

  • general mediation

  • solving family conflicts

  • divorce mediation

  • organizational mediation

  • Business, transactional mediation

  • mediation at school

Our courses organized in co-operation with the University of Kaposvár

  • business,- life coaching training

  • mediation training

  • mental hygienic courses

  • training of professionals of mental-help

  • international secretary courses

  • post-gradual trainings

  • post-secondary courses


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