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Our team

S. Tóth Márta - senior coach (member of ICF), communication expert, mediator (member of OME), journalist (member of IFJ) - the general manager of Lineo International Consulting Ltd.

“It is a really hard thing to be conforming. Many times life challenges us, tries to break our faith: if it is worth be good, your true self. For more than nine years, I had worked in the media as a journalist and as a reporter, then I worked for four years being placed at Studio Moderna (Top Shop) Inc.’ subsidiary in Romania as a country-manager to start up and develop the company. In the last years, I have developed Lineo International Consulting Inc. in Hungary and the Coaching, Mediation and Mental Hygiene School. Currently, I am working as the general manager of the company, while still coaching, mediating and teaching. I got married when I was twenty-four, I divorced. However, nine years ago I had found my true half; every day I am happy to wake up and go to sleep next to my husband, and I also have an eighteen-year old son who is exceptionally smart and successful, determined, and with whom I have an excellent relationship. For me to be able to say now that “I am OK” I had to take a long and bumpy road sometimes alone, sometimes with support. Still, I was succeeded, and that’s why I know it is possible. This gives me the power from day to day through the teaching, coaching and mediation of people. As recognition of my knowledge and work I am the member of the Hungarian Journalists Association, the IFJ International Journalist Association for more than ten years now. Furthermore, I was also chosen to be the member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Hungarian Mediation Association (OME), and I am present in two encyclopedias that are describing the biography of outstandingly successful people, entitled WHO IS WHO in Hungary and WHO IS WHO in Romania.”

Dr. Pálvölgyi Tamás - lawyer, teacher at BME University

“For more than thirty years I have been working as a lawyer, I received my diploma at the József Attila Tudományegyetem Állam és Jogtudományi Kar. I am part of the Jogi Szakvizsgabizottság (Bar Examination Committee) and the Budapesti Ügyvédi Kamara Felvételi Bizottsága, and I teach law to specialist in justice at the BME Mérnöktövábbképző Intézet. I have several grandchildren, and I spend my free time with them, my kids and my wife.”  

Dr. Csimáné Dr. Pozsegovics Beáta - lecturer at the University of Kaposvár (Kaposvári Egyetem) , senior coach, mediator and the executive director of Lineo International Consulting Kft.

“I met my husband when I was young, and we got married today we live happily together with our three beautiful and successful teenage kids. Together with them, I went to “school”: between 2004 and 2009 I got my cultural organizer (KE- University of Kaposvár), my cultural manager (PTE- University of Sciences in Pécs), museum educator (ELTE), and human resources organizer (PTE) degrees. I have been a lecturer since 2004 at the Department of Pedagogy in the University of Kaposvár (Kaposvári Egyetem), and as a life coach I use the experience gained there and vice-verse: during lectures I motivate my students with coaching techniques. Life always places obstacles in front of us, the question is if we give up and turn around, we go around it, or if we jump over it. I teach my kids, and my students what I believe and share with other coaches: you can jump over the obstacle, you just have to believe and be persevere.”

Dr. Gulyás Kálmán - retired Secretary of State, senior mediator, vice president of the OME


“I am peaceful in nature" literally: starting from 1989 through 6 years I had gained experience in negotiation and handling conflicts as the chairman of conferences at the Országos Érdekegyeztető Tanács (National Interest Reconciliation Council), and since 1996 I have been continuously mediate interest-debates. I have worked at the Prime Minister’s Office as Honorary Secretary of State and Head Consultant, at the Szociális és Munkaügyi Minisztérium (Ministry of Labor) as Secretary of State. I retired in 2010; I spend my free time with my amazing wife, my kids and my grand-children. I love traveling, cooking and being with my good friends.

Dr. Kolozsi Judit - life and business coach, mediator, lawyer

„I am interested in one question - WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU? There was one thing in my entire life that really moved me, tirelessly,at anytime at any scale: people. The depths of the human soul, the waves of emotions, the fight and fall of the mind, the thousand kinds of spectrum´s of our personality, and the body’s harmony. The projection of the soul on the body.

However, instead of psychology  I chose a different (more secure) direction; but even with my degree in law in my pocket I knew: my journey leads to people, the soul, and helping others. I have worked many years as a lawyer, in many branches of law (abroad and at home, in a law firm, in administration, at multinational firms, etc.), however, I never found my place.  I am happy that I could do all this, and proud that all these places would welcome me back.

Coaching came so naturally into my life, that I didn’t even notice it and everything was about coaching. This is no work for me, but passion. The real success is „fruitful” conversation. And I would like to pass on everything I have learned and experienced, because if with this I can turn someone’s life better then nothing was in vain.”

Vépy Viktória - instructor in psychology, mediator, life coach

“I have received my degree in psychology and pedagogy at the University of Debrecen in 2007. I had the luck to glimpse into the world of teaching during my college years "back then only as a teacher. After graduation, I have tried many different fields of work: I have worked in the field of human resources (where I also published some of my works), and abroad where I have learned how is the workforce selected and organized. Today, I would say that all of that was just searching for my true calling. Since 2011, I have been teaching at a vocational school as a full-time teacher. Furthermore, sometimes I participate in certain projects, thus I started teaching communication and mediation at the OMSZ.

I like to teach with passion, however, I believe that my tasks are beyond this. Namely, my students, with whom I nurture an exceptional connection, would come to me with their personal issues, because they see the psychologist in me and they expect help from me. Now, using one or two coaching questions I can really offer what helps them the most: I can lead them to find out the answers to their problems on their own."